Welcome to GC2020!

Hi everyone!

For NUS GC 2020, our Creative Component will commence between 2nd January 2020 and 7th February 2020. After which, we will conduct our Preliminary Round on 22nd February 2020. Lastly, we will end the whole event with Semi-Finals (Geo-Trail) and Grand Finals on 21st March 2020. More details have been published to schools through the invitational circulars!

Registration for NUS GC 2020 will be open until 31st January 2020. For schools that are joining us for the first time, do not fret, the preliminary round will cover the GCE O’Level Geography syllabus and iGeo topics as well. You may look at our past year papers here:

Should you have any enquiries, feel free to drop us an email at nusgeographychallenge@gmail.com.

Also, look out for us on all our social media platforms:
Wordpress: https://nusgeographychallenge.wordpress.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nusgc/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nusgc/

Please stay tuned and get ready for an even more exciting and meaningful experience this year! Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at NUS GC 2020!

~ NUS GC 2020 Organising Committee


GC2020 Sign-Ups & Creative Component

Dear all,

We wish everyone a Happy New Year! This marks the beginning of GC 2020, as registration is now open!

Do register at https://tinyurl.com/gc2020reg now!

More information can be found in the Invitational Circular which schools should have received through an email.

If not, you can take a look here: NUS GC 2020 Invitation Circular

With regards to the Creative Component, more information can be found in the Creative Component Circular here: NUS GC 2020 Creative Component Circular

Here is also a sample of what a complete Creative Component submission can look like:

CC Sample

We look forward to having you at NUS GC 2020 and your Creative Component submissions!

~NUS GC 2020 Organising Committee

NUS Geography Challenge 2020

Dear all,

NUS Geography Challenge (NUS GC) will be back for its 24th iteration in 2020! Schools should have received an email containing the Information Circular for GC 2020.

If not, you can take a look here: GC2020 Information Circular

Also, here’s the link to NUS GC 2019’s Preliminary Round Question Paper (Individual Component) for those who are excited and eager to start preparing for NUS GC 2020.

GC 2019 Preliminary Round Question Paper: GC2019 Preliminary Round Question Booklet

Registration for NUS GC 2020 will start on 2nd January 2020, before which we will be sending all schools a soft-copy of the official Invitation Circular with the registration details as well as the Creative Component Circular. We look forward to having you at NUS GC 2020!

~NUS GC 2020 Organising Committee

Preliminary Round Results

Dear all,
A big thank you to all teams that participated in today’s Preliminary Round! The NUS GC 2019 Organising Committee truly appreciates your support and we hope that all our student participants have enjoyed the experience thus far.
Semi-Finalists (Preliminary Round + Creative Component)
Our Team have completed tabulated the scores of the Preliminary Round and the long-awaited results are out! The results include the Semi-Finalists (top 45 schools), the top performing individuals for MCQ & SQ (46 Gold, 64 Silver and 64 Bronze medalists).
*Kindly note that all names are arranged in alphabetical order.
Please see attached for:
*Top performing individuals (MCQ & SQ) will receive a medal of achievement that will be mailed out to all schools after the competition
Results of other Components

On top of the top 45 schools that qualified to Semi-Finals and the top 174 medalists, we would also like to acknowledge the different schools who excelled in the different components.

Most Popular Creative Component entry
1st Place: Hua Yi Secondary School
2nd Place: St Andrew’s Secondary School
3rd Place: Boon Lay Secondary School

Honourary Mentions for Creative Component entry
(In alphabetical order)
Damai Secondary School
Nan Chiau High School
School of the Arts

Top performing schools of Application Question
1st Place: Xinmin Secondary School
2nd Place: Loyang View Secondary School
3rd Place: Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary)


Congratulations to all Semi-Finalists and award winners! For schools that did not qualify for the Semi-Finals, we look forward to your participation and support for GC 2020 next year!