NUS Geography Challenge 2019 GeoTrail Station Map

Dear all,

Here is the link to the map providing the general overview and the different categories of GeoTrail stations!


Note: To get the directions to the specific stations, click the ‘View larger map’ link in the pop-up or scan the QR codes provided in your Instruction Sheet.

Stay safe, stay hydrated and have fun!

~ NUS GC Organizing Committee 2019

Preliminary Round Results

Dear all,
A big thank you to all teams that participated in today’s Preliminary Round! The NUS GC 2019 Organising Committee truly appreciates your support and we hope that all our student participants have enjoyed the experience thus far.
Semi-Finalists (Preliminary Round + Creative Component)
Our Team have completed tabulated the scores of the Preliminary Round and the long-awaited results are out! The results include the Semi-Finalists (top 45 schools), the top performing individuals for MCQ & SQ (46 Gold, 64 Silver and 64 Bronze medalists).
*Kindly note that all names are arranged in alphabetical order.
Please see attached for:
*Top performing individuals (MCQ & SQ) will receive a medal of achievement that will be mailed out to all schools after the competition
Results of other Components

On top of the top 45 schools that qualified to Semi-Finals and the top 174 medalists, we would also like to acknowledge the different schools who excelled in the different components.

Most Popular Creative Component entry
1st Place: Hua Yi Secondary School
2nd Place: St Andrew’s Secondary School
3rd Place: Boon Lay Secondary School

Honourary Mentions for Creative Component entry
(In alphabetical order)
Damai Secondary School
Nan Chiau High School
School of the Arts

Top performing schools of Application Question
1st Place: Xinmin Secondary School
2nd Place: Loyang View Secondary School
3rd Place: Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary)


Congratulations to all Semi-Finalists and award winners! For schools that did not qualify for the Semi-Finals, we look forward to your participation and support for GC 2020 next year!

Creative Component 2019 Voting Starts

Dear all,

Thank you for the active participation in the Geography Challenge Creative Component (CC). We are very delighted to see all the efforts that have put into the poster.

Do note that our “Most Popular Poster Contest” has also started on our Facebook page at Remember to vote and support your favourite poster by liking the respective posters. Posters will be ranked according to the total number of Facebook likes and the top 3 most liked posters will win the “Most Popular Poster Contest”.

The voting period will start from 16th February 2019, 12:00 to 22nd February 2019 at 23:59

Do encourage your friends to like our Facebook page and vote for their favourite poster!

We hope that everyone has enjoyed the start of your NUS GC2019 and we are looking forward to seeing you on Preliminary Round, 23rd February 2019.

~NUS GC Organising Committee 2019

Creative Component 2019 deadline

Dear all,

Just a friendly reminder that the Geography Challenge Creative Component (CC) is due today, 15th February 2019.

Submissions are open to all, including those who did not indicate their interest during registration.

Please submit them to by 15 February 2019, 5pm. Late submissions will not be entertained. Please be reminded to format and name the folders and files according to the requirement found in the Creative Component Circular.

We look forward to seeing your masterpieces! Good luck, have fun, and all the best in Geography Challenge 2019!

Yours sincerely,
Your Creative Component ICs

Sign-ups and Creative Component

Dear all,

Happy New Year! This also marks the beginning of GC 2019!

GC2019 Official Logo

Sign-ups for the competition are now open! Do register at now!

More information can be found in the Invitational Circular which schools should have received through an email.

If not, you can take a look here: GC2019 Invitation Circular for Schools

With regards to the Creative Component, more information can be found in the Creative Component Circular here: GC2019 Creative Component Circular

Here is also a sample of what a complete Creative Component submission should look like: (Schoolname)_References [GC2019Sample]The Voyage of Indian Rojak (2).png

We look forward to having you at NUS GC 2019 and your Creative Component submissions!

~NUS GC 2019 Organising Committee

NUS Geography Challenge 2019

Dear all,

NUS Geography Challenge (NUS GC) will be back for its 23rd iteration in 2019! Schools should have received an email containing the Information Circular for GC 2019.

If not, you can take a look here: GC2019 Information Circular for Schools

Also, here’s the link to NUS GC 2018’s Preliminary Round Question Paper (Individual Component) for those who are excited and eager to start preparing for NUS GC 2019.

GC 2018 Preliminary Round Question Paper: GC2018 Preliminary Round QUESTION BOOKLET (MCQ_SQ)

Registration for NUS GC 2019 will start on 2nd January 2019, beforewhich we will be mailing all schools a physical copy of the official Invitation Circular. We look forward to having you at NUS GC 2019!

~NUS GC 2019 Organising Committee

One More Day To Geo-Trail and Grand Finals!

We are one day away from Geo-Trail and Grand Finals of NUS Geography Challenge 2018! I hope all of you are excited!

The Geo-Trail and Grand Finals Circular is available via this link:

A friendly reminder that all students must be in their NUS GC 2018 T-Shirt and school PE shorts when they report to the URA Centre on 24th March 2018. Registration will commence at 0730hrs, and all students will attend a briefing at 0815hrs.

Do remember to bring the following items:
1) SIGNED copy of the Rules & Regulations (Annex C of Circular): All team members and the teacher-in-charge are required to sign on the form
2) Identity/student card for registration
3) Health Declaration Form (Annex B of Circular): Students are to bring along their medication/medical devices if they have pre-existing medical conditions
4) Water bottle (at least 500ml)
5) Writing materials (incl. colour pencils, markers, highlighters, calculators)
6) Umbrella/Raincoat/Poncho
7) Full set of School Uniform for the Grand Finals
8) Small amount of money for lunch
9) EZ-Link cards with a value of at least $15

Students are also encouraged to bring the necessary items to protect themselves from the sun and hot weather (i.e cap/hat/sunblock) for Geo-Trail.

Should you have any queries, feel free to email us at We look forward to seeing you Tomorrow!

~NUS GC 2018 Organising Committee

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