Sign-ups and Creative Component

Dear all,

Happy New Year! This also marks the beginning of GC 2019!

GC2019 Official Logo

Sign-ups for the competition are now open! Do register at now!

More information can be found in the Invitational Circular which schools should have received through an email.

If not, you can take a look here: GC2019 Invitation Circular for Schools

With regards to the Creative Component, more information can be found in the Creative Component Circular here: GC2019 Creative Component Circular

Here is also a sample of what a complete Creative Component submission should look like: (Schoolname)_References [GC2019Sample]The Voyage of Indian Rojak (2).png

We look forward to having you at NUS GC 2019 and your Creative Component submissions!

~NUS GC 2019 Organising Committee